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Commit to Make a Difference


Our Vision 

To empower women and nurture families on their fertility journey

Our Mission 

To solve the invasive nature of fertility treatment 

Our Team


Megan Kane

Megan brings 10 years of global quality and regulatory expertise with a background in cellular and molecular biology.


Nigel Miller

Nigel brings over 30 years of expertise in operations, sales, leadership, and business management to assist startups and SMB organizations to grow and thrive.


Sheldon Kawarsky, PhD

Sheldon brings his extensive doctoral research in reproductive biology with 20 years of executive experience in business development, commercialization, operations, and technology transfer in the life sciences domain.


Brian Webb, PhDc

Brian brings his expertise and experience in serial entrepreneurship and early-stage startups, encompassing biomedical science translation from lab bench to manufacturing.


Mohammad Albar, FRCSC, REI

Mohammad is a practicing Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist. He brings his practical experience and insight to inform product development and navigation of the fertility therapeutic space.

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